Please refer to the instructions (readme file) provided along with the program packages.


The DebUsSy suite approach to the analysis of nanomaterials and disordered systems is of bottom-up type.

Accordingly, a common analysis with DebUsSy consists of two main steps:

  1. I.building a database of atomic clusters of variable size where the atomic coordinates and the inter-atomic distances are stored through the CLaUDe (Crystalline Layered User Database) suite. CLaUDe allows to build atomic clusters of different shapes like: cubes, parallelepipeds, cylinders..

  1. II.calculation of the Debye function and refinement of powder diffraction data by means of the Debussy program. The program offers the user different kind of global optimisation algorithms to refine experimental data and to extract quantitative structural informations like: lattice constants, strain, site occupation factors, thermal parameters and domain size distributions.

Here you can find a Tutorial on the use of DebUsSy by means of the GUI.

D e b U s S y

a Debye User System for nanocrystalline and non-ordered materials